Careers in Anesthology

Careers in Anesthology offer Rich Rewards

When we think of Anesthesia as a career, we tend to always think about the Anesthesiologist. It is, no doubt, an excellent career option offering rich rewards. However, this field has many other lucrative job profiles which people often miss out!

4 best career choices in Anesthology

1. Anesthesiologist: This is, without a doubt, the most popular and the most rewarding career option. Salary figures of anesthesiologists can make students jump right into the field! Besides, it is a crucial job position with a large impact on society. Anesthesiologists determine the right anesthesia plan, administer appropriate medications, monitor patient vitals during treatment and chart out a future course of option once the procedure has been performed. They are a mandatory component of any successful medical team!

2. Anesthesiologist Assistant: Anesthesiologists are in high demand. They have to look into a number of important cases everyday. That is why hiring assistants is necessary. Assistants work under the supervision of anesthesiologists and perform a variety of jobs. They administer routine medications, check patient vitals at all times, co ordinate with the anesthesiologist and even determine the steps to be taken in an emergency! If you want to take a look at anesthesia as a career option from the inside, this is the perfect choice!

3. Anesthesia Technician: In the past few decades, the entire healthcare industry has worked in conjunction with the engineering and IT industry to produce better equipments and facilities. Anesthesiologists are no exception. They have also developed sophisticated machinery to help them track the patient’s vitals before, during and after treatment. Given the crucial nature of the job, this machinery needs to be maintained professionally. It must be regularly sterilized, tested, calibrated, and updated. With the anesthesiologists, even anesthesia technicians have assumed a lot of importance! If you too are in love with machines, this job profile is the perfect match for you!

4. Certified Anesthesia Technicians and Technologists: If you really want to ensure a consistent quality of service, it is important to introduce certifications. Certified Anesthesia Technicians have to successfully clear an examination and tick mark all eligibility requirements as set forth by the governing body of Anesthesia Technicians. Technologists are even more qualified then technicians. They have additional levels of training and experience. These tough certifications ensure that only the best applicants get certified. They are an important component of any team and help in managing all back end operations associated with anestology. If you want to be taken seriously, these certifications are the things you need!


Pain is the most common effect of all biological problems. Surgeries, too, are not going anywhere. Hence, the future is stable and bright for anesthesia. Besides, a person doesn’t have to go all in right now. One can be an assistant until he or she takes the final call. On the other hand, if one is fascinated by the machines, one can also be a technician. There are a variety of options to choose from. Moreover, all of them are lucrative and lead of rich dividends. Any medical student should think twice before missing out on anesthesia as a career option!

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