ER Nurse an Exciting and Fast Pace Career

So after putting in a serious and considerate amount of thought you have decided that you want to be an ER Nurse. Great ! That’s a rewarding  profession which comes with bundle of emotions attached with your job. What next ?

The competition to get into prestigious nursing institutions is stiff with roughly around 15% acceptance ratio around the Dallas & Fort Worth area. A quick Google search will give you the info you need on the colleges around Dallas & Fort Worth area that can assistant you to start your career as an ER nurse.

As far as your schooling and education you’ll require a bachelors degree in nursing which can be completed in only 4 years. The specialization offered on the course include ‘Medical Terminology’, ‘Patient care’, ‘Anatomy and Physiology’. On the other end emotion wise you’ll need a gentle and kind heart and a compassion to serve humanity. Being in that elite squad of ER Nurses is both challenging and rewarding. Firstly, every day is new and brings in great learning for your personal and professional growth.

There is never a dull moment in the ER you’ll develop the art of handling your emotions effectively. You’ll have freedom to provide the care required to your patients during their critical time while you are working alongside some brilliant minds in the medical field.