Great Medical Careers that don’t require a Degree

With increasing health awareness levels and better insurance covers, the health industry has seen a spurt of demand in recent years. Add to it a population which is increasingly becoming more capable of affording better services and you have a very lucrative field. For these reasons or otherwise, you may, like many others, want to work in the medical industry.

However, it is a very technical field and would require a degree, right? Surprisingly, the answer is no. There are certain jobs available in this field which do not require a degree at all. However, reputed employers may ask for some type of certification.

5 medical jobs which don’t require a degree

We have compiled a list of five great jobs in the medical field which require no degree at all:

1. Medical Administrative Assistant: True, the most important part of the industry is the treatment which it administers to its patients. However, there are a lot of administrative tasks which need to be performed here too. Scheduling appointments with patients, greeting them as they arrive, billing them and following up on payment are just some of the jobs. If you can handle multiple tasks at once, you can think about working as an administrative assistant.

2. Medical Assistant: We all understand that doctors have got too many jobs to do and too less time to do it. Here, medical assistants come into the picture. They look after routine tasks which do not require the expertise of doctors. They administer injections, apply bandages and explain medical prescriptions among others. In case you may want to have a closer look at the medical industry, there can be no better job!

3. Medical Coders: Ever wondered what goes into processing your medical insurance claim? A very complicated process. Medical codes, which have to be necessarily used, are complex in nature. They cannot be understood by just anyone. And what if someone commits an error? It will mean incorrect claims and lower reimbursements for hospitals. If these mistakes are committed too often, it can mean a huge loss of revenues. Hence, coders with an eye for detail are in huge demand. Though you may not need a degree, you need to be patient, precise and unrelentingly flawless to work in this field.

4. Licensed Practical Nurse: Are you thinking about taking up nursing as a profession but aren’t sure enough to be a registered nurse yet? Then, you can be a licensed practical nurse. Your job will include doing everything that a patient might need. Regular medicine dosages, bathing and cleaning the patient, coordinating with the doctor are just a few examples. In case you like helping others in times of their need, this may just be the right place for you to start!

5. Phlebotomist/ Ultra Scan Specialist: It will be very difficult to cure a disease until a doctor knows the exact cause of it. That is why blood samples and medical tests are so important. Armed with facts and figures, a practitioner is in a much better position to prescribe remedies. Therefore, a phlebotomist or an ultra scan specialist does a crucial job in collecting and analyzing biological samples or examining body parts. This job will, however, prerequisite an interest in analyzing biological elements. Only then can one really do justice to the job at hand.


These jobs are beneficial in multiple ways. First, you don’t need a lengthy degree. So, you can get to working straight away. Secondly, they pay well as compared to jobs at similar levels in other industries. Thirdly, they help to make a better decision about his or her interest in the medical field. Overall, they can be a great place to start in case you would like to work in this field in the future.