Home Health Aide

Helping others and Making a Difference as a Home Health Aide

Home Aide health care givers are people who provide in-house care and aid to patients, the elderly or the physically challenged. They are usually under the supervision of a medical professional or a health care agency.

Although no formal training is required for the medical career, most aides have at least a high school diploma under their belts. Aides working under an agency may need to undergo some training on home health and pass a requirement test. There are states where a certified healthcare license is required for the medical job.

Some of the basic duties include personal grooming, minor house keeping duties, meal preparation and feeding . This profession also has flexible hours and schedules, skill specialization and high service demand. This profession can also be a stepping stone for career advancement in other medical fields such as nursing.

One of the main benefits of this profession is job satisfaction, in that you can make a positive difference in the client’s life.

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