Making the Decision to Become an EMS Technician

For those who have passion and are committed to the well-being of friends, family, neighbors and strangers, then becoming an EMS (Emergency Medical Service) technician is the way to go. It’s a medical career that involves saving lives out in society while earning a living as well.

To be trained as an EMS technician, you need to have the following pre-requirements:

· Be 18 years and above.

· You must possess a high school diploma.

· Some programs are stricter and might require you to do a placement exam.

Different states have diverse ways in which they offer training. However, there are 3 standard levels of training namely:

· Basic training- among other simple skills, you are taught how to deal with fractures, bleeding cardiac arrest and emergency childbirth. They are also taught how to maintain basic equipment such as suction devices.

· Intermediate level-in this stage, you learn how to handle more complex situations such as usage of emergency airway devices and intravenous fluids.

· Paramedic level-in this final training, you are taught about physiology and anatomy among other advanced medical skills. Once done, you are presented with an associate’s degree from National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) after which you take a final licensing test from the state you reside in.

Basic training consists of roughly 110 hours of class and practical work and 24 hours of actual field experience. Classes are often over within 6 months which means that this medical career path is advantageous as you will start earning soon after joining the academy.

Benefits of becoming an EMS technician

There are many reasons as to why you should indulge in this career. Some of them include:

· Diverse opportunities-once certified and experienced, you can decide to go further and become a fire fighter or ski patrol among other options.

· Every day is different-you will respond to different types of cases and emergencies. All these have different locations and situations hence you will never get bored.

· Demand-all EMS technicians enjoy job security as accidents and emergencies never cease to occur. All states require large numbers of technicians.

· Good pay-technicians earn an average of $15 per hour which translates to roughly $32000 per year. The niche however, is expected to grow by around 24% in recent future which is actually a rate faster than most professions.

Becoming an EMS technician is a heroic calling as it involves saving lives and bringing smiles to suffering people. It brings a feeling of satisfaction and many technicians are proud of themselves. It’s a medical career you can choose to take and enjoy as you earn. If you are looking for medical jobs and you have no idea how to start, then EMS is the direction you should take.

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