Moms are Great for the Medical Industry

Why Moms are Great for the Medical Industry

Well, it’s often said, “Since God couldn’t be everywhere to look after us, he created mothers.” There’s no ailment which their relentless love and care can’t cure. No matter what situation we are in, our mothers can help us find the right way out! A Mom’s kind and understanding nature knows more about her children than we do about ourselves. The scenario of a caring mother working in the healthcare industry seems to fit together seamlessly. Moms are naturally endowed with a number of qualities which makes them an absolute excellent choice for medical healthcare.

1. Naturally caring: Mothers are natural caregivers. They are not taught how to care. They simply just know and do their job extremely well! Caring for ailing and sick people is the cornerstone of the healthcare industry.

2. Sensitive and empathetic: Mothers are great listeners. They seem to understand people really well. This combination gives rise to a level of sensitivity and empathy which is unparalleled. For the healthcare industry, it would be impossible to design and administer treatments and give medicine if they can’t understand their patients.

3. Multi-tasking: Besides their natural qualities, mothers have an additional virtue which they have to learn early on. They know how to juggle alot of tasks at once. This is a very useful attribute in the healthcare industry, where a single nurse may have to tend to numerous patients each having various different needs.

4. Basic knowledge of medicine: A study found out that at least 59% of mothers make medical decisions daily for others. Thus, they have a basic understanding of medicines and medical procedures. This knowledge proves handy while looking after the health of others.

In fact, a mother has so many traits common with a medical practitioners that working in the healthcare industry almost seems like an extension of her natural personality.

There are a number of job positions which mothers would make excellent candidates. Here are a few career choices that would work perfect for Moms.

1. Doctor or Nurse: The most obvious choice. No doubt, nothing personifies caring better than a Mother. Mothers would work really well in discharging the primary functions of the Doctor or Nurses, and looking after the health of all patients.

2. Medical assistants: Medical assistants often help other medical practitioners like doctors and registered nurses. Usually, the job of an assistant is to make the patient comfortable and clear any doubts that he or she may have. With a bit of formal training, mothers would be a great pick for this job. Also, in fields like speech language pathologists and psychiatric aides, their sensitive nature would be a perfect fit.

3. Home Health Aides: The primary job of home health aides is to stay with the patient for a major part of the day and help him in tasks such as eating and bathing. Due to their sensitive nature, mothers are well poised to understand the needs of these patients and help them carry on their work effortlessly.

4. Receptionists: The most distinguishing feature of a receptionist is that she is the single point of contact between a customer and the organisation. Hence, it involves meeting numerous people everyday, understanding their problems and trying to solve them. The understanding, caring nature of mothers would help them discharge these duties appropriately. Their natural qualities would bloom in an environment surrounded by people.

5. Administrative assistants: Every industry has paperwork to deal with. It may be more so in the financial or legal services sector but it is definitely present everywhere. Besides paperwork, administrators are expected to keep the place well organised and the work flow smooth. This would mean solving may problems simultaneously and taking a number of responsibilities at once. Mothers, who multitask daily would fit the job very well.

Keeping in mind all the virtues of mothers, it seems like they will be able to serve the health care industry better than anyone else. It is high time for the industry to realize how much better they can do if they can appoint such caring angels at the right places. Even working mothers or mothers who are thinking about working in the near future, should give serious consideration to working in healthcare as a future career move.