Men as Nurses

The Rising and Growing Trend of Men as Nurses

Now, I know what you might be thinking: this profession is dominated by women. And while this may be true for now, men are increasingly undertaking careers as nurses. In 1930, less than 1% of the nursing workforce consisted of men, and by 1970, it was still less than 3%. Currently, men make up approximately 10% of the workforce, and 13% of new nursing students are male. Clearly, this is moving in the direction of no longer being a female dominated industry.

Breaching the Gender Gap

Hospitals are increasingly looking to hire men as nurses. As society pushes for gender equality in the workforce, hospitals are looking to diversify their staff. Men are also in high demand given that for certain sensitive medical issues (prostate exams are one example) patients will prefer male nurses. At the same time, men are more likely to provide the physical strength it takes to move patients and machinery from area to area.

High Demand for Nurses

According to the World Health Organization, the nursing profession has undergone a shortage of workers since the year 2000. Simultaneously, the U.S. population continues to age and is in need of greater healthcare assistance. And with the medical advances of the past decades, long-term care is becoming ever more important. For these reasons, demand for new nurses is high, and opportunities are expected to grow by up to 16% before the year 2025. This has created a heavily favorable job market for nurses.

What Does Nursing Offer?

Nursing, as a medical and healthcare field, offers a very rewarding and lucrative career. Here are some reasons why:

– According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary in 2015 for nurses was $67,490.
– Nurses choose their specialty (men often choose the specialties of anesthesia and trauma).
– Job stability (nursing is not affected by automation).
– Nurses make a direct difference in people’s lives.

Other Reasons for Men to Become Nurses

Often enough, the stereotype of male nurses is enough to discourage some men to join the profession. But in the age of gender equality, this does not have to be the case. Besides, becoming a male nurse provides you with the opportunity to be on the front line, breaking stereotypes as we progress into the future.

And speaking of front lines, historically nursing was a field dominated by men due to their duties in the military. Only in the 20th century did it turn into a female oriented profession. To be sure, there isn’t anything unmanly about being nurse now, any more than there was in the earlier military campaigns.

Don’t let stereotypes discourage you. Men are increasingly becoming a central tenant to the nursing profession. Now is your chance for your voice to be heard! Follow your passions with this exciting, fast-paced and lucrative career!