Healthcare Careers for Senior Citizens

The Best Healthcare Careers for Senior Citizens

Are you 55 plus and still willing to work? What can you contribute to the world? A lot!  Your career doesn’t end after 50. There are a lot of medical jobs ready to embrace mature workers.  And you know what, it’s not too hard to get a ticket. You don’t have to be a doctor or a nurse.

These jobs demand a proficiency certificate or sometimes just a skill that can be trained. The American Association of Retired People lists several jobs in Healthcare for the ones crossing the age of 50 and even older.

Here are the best medical careers for senior citizens dedicated to offering a helping hand.

1. Hospice Chaplain

This is one of the top jobs for older people seeking opportunities in the medical arena. The responsibility involves helping the seriously ill patients in moving on their chairs and other stuff. The AARP reports a swift surge in the role of retired people over the years. On an average, the job can pay the employee $23.31 per hour and full medical coverage as well.

2. Health and Personal Care Aide

Another great opportunity for retired personnel comes in as a health and personal care aide at homes. Here the employee needs to take care of the patients staying at their home. Although the average pay for the job is $9.70 per hour, certified professionals earn a lot more than that.

3. Medical Writer

Medical writing can be a great thing for our old experienced workers willing to play another round. This job not only gives the oldies a second career but also lets them choose their own time. The career allows you to choose your convenient hours and place of work. If you have an excellent knowledge of sciences, you never run out of demand.

4. Healthcare Recruiter

If you’re into sales, this can be the best options for you. Medical recruiters work both for recruitment firm or a hospital as well. All you need is just training on the job. The responsibility can range for picking nurses, doctors, technicians and other staff. Skills and knowledge required depending upon the type of your position and wages are always rewarding.

5. Medical Receptionist

Here you don’t need any medical knowledge to get hired. What you do require is some interpersonal, interactive skills and an on the job training. The responsibilities include attending the patient’s visitors and all sorts of queries. The pay scale of the job is fairly decent as well.

So these were some of the best medical jobs for our oldies seeking employment. Although these can be fantastic chances, you should only opt in if you’re interested and passionate about helping other folks.